Book Review

Finding Love in New York, by Mags Timmons

I received this book in exchange for an honest review..

A very sexy read! a little shorter than I was expecting and it finished to quickly.
I really enjoyed the story of Gabby and Callum the interaction between them was thrilling and fresh. The story had elements of dominant behaviour but that made for a more interesting read. Yes Callum had expectations and wanted to control Gabby, but only because he wanted her all to himself not because of a complete caveman “ugg me man, you woman” mentality, but genuinely, because of the love he felt for her!
I really like how Gabby was able to find her inner strength as this story progressed, gaining the ability to match Callum for whit and sarcasm, in and out of the bedroom! but also to stand up for herself with others and their attempts to drag her down with their bitchiness…

I would like to hear more about Callum and Gabby as well as more on Gabby’s best friend Jen and her relationship with Paul!!

On the down side, yes there were a few editing errors, simple spelling mistakes and limited punctuation, but I only found them slightly distracting.
Get lost in the story not the mistakes and enjoy a fun sexy read.



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