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Book Review..

Book Review…

Gateways. By Brian Gottheil
I received an ebook arc in exchange for an honest review.

Gateways has been described as a fantasy novel that reads like historical fiction. Set in a world similar to Europe during the First World War, the book contains war, political intrigue, religious element, magic and most of all a cry for peace!
I enjoyed this novel, the first few chapters were a little slow to get started but I’m very glad I continued…
A story that was packed with details and I was intrigued as to how or who would win in this battle for a continent.
Will the Deugans make peace with the Breas or will the Steifens put a holt to peace with their magical weapon?
What will become of Caryn Hollom and her country in this search for peace?

If you like fantasy which reads like historical fiction I recommend you read this book you won’t be disappointed!!